About Us

In October, 2009 the first conversations began pursuant to establishing a Catholic radio station in the Atlanta/North Georgia area.  Carol Bush, a convert, and Mark Peffer, a cradle Catholic, prayed and sought God’s Will to determine if this leading was from God the Father.  The question of whether or not a Catholic radio station is the right thing to do seems obvious – Pope John Paul II of happy memory seemed to make it clear that the new evangelism should utilize every media to affect the lives of people to bring about conversion and commitment to holiness.  The bigger question became “Yes, but are WE the ones to do it?”   With the spiritual advice and direction of Father Fabio Sotelo-Pena of St. Michael Catholic Church in Gainesville, we have prayed daily and have begun the journey.  In appreciation for the broadcasts done by Ken Lampert through his Catholic Hour broadcasts on WDUN in Gainesville, it seems reasonable to continue to work toward the goal of establishing a 24/7 Catholic radio station in the North Georgia area.  Currently there is not a Catholic station in the State of Georgia.

Although Christian Radio can be heard all over Atlanta and North Georgia, a vital voice is absent, the one of Christian truth as expressed in Sacred Scripture and through Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.  Totus Tuus Catholic Radio will fill that void.