Why Radio?

Why radio?  These words of our Holy Father of happy memory in an address to the Catholic Media Association say it all:

  • “Radio offers perhaps the closest equivalent today of what Jesus was able to do with large groups through his preaching.”
  • “Radio is an intimate medium, which can reach people on the street, in their cars, and in their homes.”
  • “Radio may well be the most cost effective means of reaching large numbers of people who may not want to read or may lack exposure to Catholic publications – but will be willing to ‘eaves drop’ on Catholic stations or programming”

….Pope John Paul II, Address to the Catholic Media Association


Many factors will enable Totus Tuus Catholic Radio to reach its goal of bringing Catholic radio to the Atlanta Archdiocese listening area:

  • LOW COST: Programming from EWTN, proven to be of the highest quality and appeal, will be re-broadcast free of any cost or licensing fee.
  • NON-PROFIT: Totus Tuus Catholic Radio will be primarily listener supported.  501(c)3 tax exempt status frees Totus Tuus Catholic Radio from the need to generate profit; its only operating cost is direct overhead.
  • LOCAL CONTROL: The Board of Directors, made up of local Catholics, will steer the radio station, keep it focused, and encourage it to fill the needs of the local community.   Totus Tuus is a lay apostolate and will be available to our Archbishop whenever he wishes to address the local community.
  • FOCUS: Totus Tuus Catholic Radio will re-broadcast authentic Catholic teaching as carried by EWTN, featuring popular programs and famous personalities true to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • SHARED EXPERIENCE: Totus Tuus Catholic Radio is a member of the Catholic Radio Association (CRA), a group founded by a handful of pioneers who paved the way for us, who are dedicated to sharing ideas, experience and advice with other Catholic radio stations all across the country.  There are currently 220 members in the CRA, and among them are Immaculate Heart Radio in Reno and northern California, Sacred Heart Radio in Minneapolis-St. Paul, KVSS Radio in Omaha, and Queen of Peace Radio in Jacksonville, FL.  We have contacted some of these stations and talked with the owners.  They, too, view their efforts as lay apostolates, and are totally committed to mentoring other stations into existence, for no charge.  We encourage you to visit the CRA website at: www.catholicradioassociation.org.


    • According to the Archdiocesan Demographic study, Catholic population growth is twice the overall population growth in the AOA, driven by the high growth of Hispanic and Asian populations.
    • Among ethnic groups within the AOA geographic area, less than 10% of whites are Catholic; slightly over 10% of American Indians are Catholic; 50% of Hispanics are Catholic; 80% of Filipinos are Catholic; 50% of Koreans are Catholic; 30% of Vietnamese are Catholic.
    • As of 2006, the Archdiocese showed a population count total of 6,954,283.  Of that, the estimated total number of Catholics is 878,153. 
    • Of the total number of Catholics, 408,385 are white, 379,952 are Hispanic, both documented and undocumented.  The remaining Catholics represent a variety of ethnicities.